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Flat Tire Change

Automobile tires can be dirty and challenging to handle, especially in unexpected situations. If you’re stuck with a flat tire and need roadside assistance to help you change to your spare tire, you can count on **RoadsideServe**. We provide all the tools and expertise needed to get you back on the road swiftly.

#### Our Tire Change Service
Our tire change services in Metro Atlanta are available 24/7. Whether you have your own tire-changing tools or need complete assistance, our team is ready to help. Our friendly and professional technicians can reach your location in minutes, ensuring a fast and reliable tire change.

Here are the steps to follow if you prefer to change the tire yourself:

1. **Find a Safe Location**: Pull over safely and turn on your vehicle’s warning lights.
2. **Engage Parking Brake**: Ensure your vehicle is secure by engaging the parking brake.
3. **Locate Spare Tire and Tools**: Check your trunk or underneath the vehicle to find your spare tire and tire change tools.
4. **Jack Up the Vehicle**: Use adequate jack points as instructed in your vehicle’s service manual.
5. **Remove Lug Nuts**: Use a lug-nut wrench to remove the lug nuts.
6. **Install Spare Tire**: Place the donut tire or full spare tire onto the wheel studs.
7. **Tighten Lug Nuts**: Retighten the lug nuts to factory specifications.
8. **Lower the Vehicle**: Safely lower the vehicle and remove the jack.
9. **Check Air Pressure**: Ensure the spare tire is properly inflated.

At **RoadsideServe**, we promise no hidden fees, 100% guaranteed rates, and fast estimated times of arrival (ETAs). Our goal is to provide top-notch tire change services with friendly personnel who treat you like family.

If you need a reliable and quick tire change service, call **RoadsideServe** at (888) 440-7623(ROAD).

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